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Web Developer

William Daghouz — software craftsman based in Norrköping, Sweden, creating blazingly fast and aesthetically appealing websites and web apps.

  • Web Development

    Crafting bespoke websites that transform unique visions into engaging and user-centric digital experiences.

  • Responsive Design

    Ensuring websites adapt seamlessly across all devices, combining design and precision for impeccable performance.

  • Peak Performance

    Utilizing cutting-edge techniques to guarantee optimized website performance with fast load times and smooth interactions.

Some of the amazing companies I have worked with

Collaborated with Companies Across 4 Continents

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Discover the art of web craftsmanship! I write primarily about all the meticulous details of CSS and SVG, the exciting potential of WebAssembly and WebGPU, and why you should learn the friendliest programming language in the world, Go!"

Tools of the Trade

  • React

    Powering dynamic front-ends with the synergy of React's component-based approach, while integrating the principles of micro-frontend architecture.

  • TypeScript

    Leveraging TypeScript in serverless environments, enhancing deployment efficiency and scalability, and delivering resilient and cost-effective solutions.

  • Go

    Utilizing Go for its speed and efficiency, expertly crafting micro-services that ensure rapid, scalable, and reliable backend operations.